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Jim Terry and his father, Jim Terry, Sr., the founders of DeWayne's Quality Metal Coatings, began providing high quality metal plating services to manufacturers located in West Tennessee in 1990.

We began by operating a single phosphate & oil line and have since grown into one of the leading providers of metal finishing services in the lower Midwestern United States.

Our management team has grown the business by providing customers with quality plating services, fast turnaround times, competitive prices, and very often with solutions to vexing problems (visit our Case Studies to see how we've helped our customers solve problems).We've done this by continually investing in equipment that allows us to maximize throughput at our facility and by making an effort to learn as much as possible about our customers’ operations. A testament to the quality and value we provide is that our top 15 customers have been with us for an average of nearly ten years.

DeWayne's first big growth spurt came in 1993 when Nucor Fastener selected the company to plate five truckloads of parts per day. The increased volume allowed us to expand our base of machinery and equipment, which created additional capacity. This basic process has repeated itself a number of times in the last 15+ years. After adding a large customer, DeWayne’s has invested in additional capacity, which has allowed us to add capacity, add plating solutions, and increase the quality of the parts we produce.

Today DeWayne’s employs over 100 people and plates hundreds of millions of parts per year. The company supplies plating services to numerous Tier I suppliers, Fortune 500 manufacturers, and local manufacturers. Please visit our Request a Quote page to see how we can help solve your plating problems.

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