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ElectroCoating (E-Coating)


ElectroCoating (E-Coating)

Electrodeposition coating or E-Coating is a painting process that is very similar to electroplating. E-Coating involves immersing metal parts into a bath that consists of paint, epoxy or other water-based solution (DeWayne's offers epoxy-based E-Coating). An electric current is then used to attract the particles that are suspended in the liquid solution and deposit them onto the surface of the substrate. The electrodeposition continues until the desired level of coating thickness is achieved, which can be regulated by increasing or decreasing the voltage level. The coated substrate is then cured in an oven to promote cross-linking.

Additional features of our E-Coat process are highlighted below:

  • Capable of producing class A finishes

  • Production runs on individualized racks in five different zones

  • Dedicated team for each part

  • Fast turnaround times

  • Currently producing E-coated parts with high end finishes used in vehicles manufactured by large companies such as BMW and Mercedes

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