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Phosphate & Oil Rack Coating


Phosphate & Oil Rack Coating

Phosphate coatings are used on steel parts for corrosion resistance, lubricity, or as a foundation for subsequent coatings or painting. It serves as a conversion coating in which a dilute solution of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts are applied via spray or immersion and chemically react with the surface of the part to form a layer of insoluble, crystalline phosphates.

We offer zinc phosphate & oil coating, which is used for corrosion resistance, and as lubricant base layer. Our rack phosphate line is used to coat larger parts. These parts are hung by hand. Additional features of our rack phosphate process are highlighted below:

  • Our rack line can be converted to run barrel parts, offering customers great flexibility

  • Capable of coating both large and small parts

  • Have ample capacity for this coating

  • Offer coating in gray or black finishes

  • Offer a phosphate and wax option

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